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While making the IT department giggle, writing out your IT help request in poem form will not mean an immediate response. My IT request below (not great – or even good – but I was working within a time limit, and it wasn’t for something I had pre-planned a poem for. It doesn’t scan all that well. But! I gave it a go, and even The Fish* thought it was funny.)

The workload I have is becoming obscene,
And I am in want of a-nother screen.
If you could help make me go from one to two,
I will be happier than the monkeys in zoos!

The Fish is the head of the IT department. His last name is Whiting. Geddit? He is what you would called a stereotypical IT person.
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I'm devastated as I've just realised that I can't get triplej in my house, and thus will miss the Hottest 100, which is an Australian staple. :sadface:

So in honour of the day; some youtube clips!

And before Eric Bana was internationally famous - here's Poida!!

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....there were absolutely no birds. Now, the footy field has had at least half a dozen birds strutting around picking at the grass and insects every morning for the last month.

Having no birds at all; none even flying away is somehow more frightening than having a magpie jogging after you.
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So this morning I got chased by a magpie. Which, summer in Australia is pretty much par for the course. Being swooped by a breeding magpie is a rite of passage, and there's not a child around who hasn't worn an ice-cream container on their heads that their mum/dad/responsible adult has drawn eyes on.

However!!! (And have you ever noticed how often my stories have a However!! attached to them?? I'm not sure I like being the However!! girl.)

Where was I?? Ah yes; However!! This morning I was chased by a bird. Not swooped by a bird; chased. There he was; the magpie. He was on the football oval, digging for some sort of insect out of the ground. There I was; iPod cranking something I sure would be too embarrassing to mention here while I walk across the footy oval. I kept an eye on all birds around the area, I was alert but not alarmed. And then he saw me. And he wasn't happy. He was baying for blood. Preferbely scalp, as all magpies find this the tastiest of flesh. But, instead of swooping he got his short, stumpy, legs moving and RAN after me. You would think that a bird running after you would be hilarious, but it is not. A bird with murder in it's mind is a single-minded creature and - as I believe of all animals - can smell fear. And they run way faster than you would originally expect.

So I did what any sane person would do; while going backwards so I always knew where the bird was, I attempted speed walking. On one hand, I didn't fall over (which for me, is always the sign of a good day). On the other... a magpie found me to be that much not a threat he couldn't be bothered to fly to chase me.

I feel slightly, um, slighted, by the avian community.
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I just realised I haven't posted today, and i've got a friend arriving in about half an hour so I need to be quick.
K is coming over for what should be a glorious hour of bad television. Back when i was a child there was a show on called Young Talent Time which I guess was like the Disney club, but not as good. Imagine Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus, but with 80's hair and very dodgey outfits. As everything old is new again, they are bringing the show back. From the ads you can already tell the kids are going to annoy you with all their fringe flicking and grinning and earnest singing.

I can't wait.
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So today I used a phrase I never EVER thought I would have cause to use:

Shit, I think I’ve lost the Bat penis.

Oh, you want to know how that phrase would work in context? Well sure, if you want all the mystery taken out of it…..

My friend Challis recently went on a holiday. All I know about his 10 days away is that his hotel room had a butler, and he saw the most impressive bat penis. So impressive, he took a photograph of it. And when getting hard copies of his photos, he in fact got 4 copies of the bat penis. And then he bought the photograph into work, showed me (and indeed, it truly was a most impressive penis – bat or otherwise) and asked me to keep it so I could show TP. I’ve had a fair bit of paperwork today, and for a moment I feared I had thrown it out by mistake. Which was when I exclaimed – out loud – shit, I think I’ve lost the Bat Penis.

(Also, TP went home ill before I had a chance to show him the penis. So it shall live on my desk until he can see it. FYI: It’s one of those things where it’s disgusting, yet hypnotic.)
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Ask me five questions and I'll tell you no lies.
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My immediate supervisor is on fire today! I find with Mr Dobalina that the best way to deal with him is to imagine that he is from outer space, and hasn’t got the nuances of human language yet. He’s Canadian, so if there are any barriers, it would be a cultural thing, but I have a harder time getting him to understand what I’m talking about (or getting him to understand what he is talking about) than I do with some people who English is their second or third language.

Today is the best examples of this:
Example one, he asked me today to order some signs for a gate. But he doesn’t want them to say “Please shut the gate” or even “Keep gate shut” . He wants them to say “Make sure to close and shut the gate after going through.” But I can play around with the wording of that. I think I may play around with the wording until it reads “Please keep gate shut.”

Example two: He wants me to make up a calendar for our department. When he mentioned this, I bought up the fact that the training guys had just made up a calendar just last week that would suit his needs perfectly. His reply – “I don’t want a calendar for training; I want to have a calendar for when people are on courses.”

Lawd bless him.

Before today’s zingers, my favourite of his was the following:

I send out a reminder about an upcoming safety meeting every month, so the relevant people in our department remember to show up. As I was writing it for a particular month, he stopped me and asked me to add some names to it (people who while not in our department either a- need to know we’re having a safety meeting or b-are in the safety department and it’s relevant to them) I typed them in as Mr Dobalina stood there. I finished typing the email while he stood there. After I finished, he put his hand up and said “Don’t send that. I need to think about it some more.” And he just walked away. So, to recap, after he stood there to make sure I made the changes he wanted, he wasn’t sure the changes I made was what he wanted. (FYI, that happened about 6 months ago. He still hasn’t got back to me.)
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So far today I have made a Nectarine Crumble (completely awesome!!), peanut butter and choc chip muffins for a girls birthday at work for Tuesday, and am contemplating on whether to make the jam drops for my friend A when she comes over from Perth for a work visit on Wednesday or wait until Tuesday night.

A very productive day. So productive in fact, the washing up from all this baking is already done! Okay, the wiping up isn't done, but still. Washing up is the hard part!

The only blip on this great day happened ten minutes ago. I went outside to throw the rubbish out, and underneath the laundry window was the desiccated body of a frog. Which means that at some stage there was a non-desiccated frog only meters away from me at some stage. I knew that there were frogs around, as you can hear them all the time croaking away, but that is way to close for my comfort. I really hope one of the boys had hunted him, and bought him home.


Jan. 14th, 2012 01:30 pm
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I'm having one of those days, where you feel as thought you're going to burst out into tears, but you're not sad. It's a weird feeling; I think this afternoon I might put the air-con on high, grab my donna, and put on a sad movie to get it out of my system. Or...maybe because last week I watched Red Dog and the week both and now I've bloody conditioned myself to be sad on Saturdays. Which sounds ridiculous, so probably not.

I have a party I'm supposed to go to tonight, and I am just not feeling it. I know, I know, one of my NYE resolutions was to be more social, but I don't think I can. On the plus side, I think I have worked out why I have trouble being social: I'm tired of walking into parties by myself, and trying to work out who I know at the party. Y'see, I have this knack where the majority of my friendships don't overlap. For example; in 2010 I went to 5 weddings. I was the only person in common at all 5 of them. At two of those weddings, the only people I knew well were the bride and groom. It's a gift (and a curse) I have; I'm great at one-on-one friendships, so I end up with friends all over, but I can't seem to make the leap to extending that friendship with other people in that group of friends.
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Not much to report today; went to my hometown, got a hair cut, had lunch with my cousins, saw an Aboriginal Elvis impersonator.

Y'know; same old, same old.

A win!!

Jan. 10th, 2012 07:39 pm
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I was showing some people at work pictures of Audrey (I swear, I’m almost as bad a new parent) and out of all the people I showed, only one – ONE – knew why I called her Audrey. In fact, he asked me why her name wasn’t Audrey II. And then we both sang the theme song from Little Shop Of Horrors. Just when I start to lose my faith in people’s knowledge of useless/useful trivia TP always rises to the forefront.
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So I finally worked out how to get photos from my phone to my computer (I'm feeling very accomplished today.)

Allow me to introduce you to Audrey. She's a pumpkin vine I planted in early November. November 2011. )
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So last night I went around to a friend's house for drinks and cheese and dip and got home around midnight. I don't get to catch up with this friend often, as she is a married mother of an 8 month old and I am a single woman with 2 6 year old cats, so getting our social circles to intersect at a time where neither of us have other commitments can be difficult. P-dog was there as well, and I can say without a doubt that is was the most lovely night.

Tonight I'm having P-dog and her girlfriend and k over for dinner, and we're going to watch an Australian movie called Red Dog. There shall be tears, as it's a true story about a dog, and everyone I know who saw it said it's incredibly sad (and it has something to do with depression as during mental health month this movie somehow related to it.) Luckily I have half a box of tissues left over from War Horse.

And if I have too, I am not afraid once Red Dog is over to put on Captain America to make me feel better.

Hopefully tomorrow I'll have a better post; my pumpkin vine out the back has grown so much I"ve taken to calling it Audrey. I have photos on my phone, but since the phone is a new one I still need to work out how to get the photos from the phone to my computer.
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I am having what we call a "Sandy vagina" day. It's another special way of saying you're in a bad mood. (like you've gone to the beach and ended up with sand in, well, I think you can imagine the badness of the mood.)

So here is one of those tests:

Was not expecting that from the way I answered. Just for tonight, I forgive Dean for season 7.


Jan. 4th, 2012 07:55 am
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So I typed out today's post, and I do not know what went wrong, but it didn't post, and didn't save anywhere to me to find.

And it's hot.

So this is the post for today. And if I feel less hot later I'll re-write the original post.


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