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No spoilers, but better to be safe than ruin it for someone )

So, I'm giving it 3 stars out of 5.
When it ended I very seriously considered buying another ticket to watch it again. I enjoyed it that much.
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Ever feel like a movies ends too late? This movie should have ended about 45 minutes earlier than it did. WAAAAY Too many big fight scenes.

Henry Cavill has the most amazing shoulders.

Russell Crowe and kevin Costner were absolutely brilliant in their roles.

Henry Cavill has the most amazing shoulders.

Lois Lane was not just a damsel in distress!! LOVED THAT!!

Have I told you about Henry Cavill's shoulders?? Because they are the type of shoulders that should have a dark chocolate mousse with a raspberry coulis drizzled over them so someone (ie - me) can lick them clean.

You could probably get by without seeing it, but by golly Henry's Cavill's shoulders are worth the price of admission alone.
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* I was pleasantly surprised by how good it was. VERY pleasantly surprised.

* I firmly believe that Leonardo DiCaprio will be seen as the greatest actor of my generation. (And this movie has done nothing to change that opinion)

* The clothes! Oh the clothes!!

* But more importantly, the women's millinery!!!!!!!!

* The soundtrack was amazeballs. Modern day songs done in a 1920's way. Very nice.

* The problem with films made in Australia is I always get distracted by background/ very minor characters trying to work out where I know them from. (Oh hi Jack Thompson!! Happy to see you there Vince Colosimo!!)

* As someone who doesn't normally like Baz Luhrmann movies - I got car sick watching Moulin Rouge! - I recommend watching this.

(Or, it's way better the Star Trek Into Darkness, so go see this instead if Iron Man 3 is full.)
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For a zombie movie, it was not at all gory.

Boners are really horrible zombies. (And the 12 year old in me kept getting the giggles whenever they mentioned Boners.)

The most annoying part of the whole movie was that the female lead looks like a blonde version of Bella from Twilight.

Am still trying to work out why John Malkovich is in it.

Nicholas Hoult is lovely. I would like to have him over for take away Chinese and a movie marathon.

Overall, I really enjoyed it and would watch it again. (Even again at the movies.)
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It rocked.

There were wicked explosions.

And a wooden Indian.

And about 42 Iron Men.

And Rhodey was awesome.

And Pepper was great, but not too great that it made me dislike her.

And Guy Pearce made me proud to be an Australian.

And I would like to marry Tony Stark.

It just rocked.

And the scene after the credits was the best after scene credit ever. (Even better than the Schwarma one!)


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