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I missed yesterday, as I went to a friend's house for dinner and a movie with her and her son. The Avengers came out on DVD in Oz, and as my friend had not seen it yet (I took her son to see it when it came out) and so her son and I couldn't wait to watch it with her.

Still a brilliant movie. And will always make me happy.

Today I'm happy as I'm sitting here watching the ParaOlympics. Some people are just bloody amazing.
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Two things to be happy about today. Well, maybe even three.

Happy No. 9, part 1: I got an email notification that my Avengers DVD has been mailed, and I should receive it either tomorrow or Thursday. Yay!! So I know what I shall be doing al weekend.

Happy No. 9, part 2: There was a sale on at a clothes shop when I was walking home from the bus stop, and I popped in, and got some great deals. And not only were they a good deal, they look nice on as well. Double yay!!

(Possible) Happy No. 9, part 3: managed to do just over 18,000 steps. My average is about 14,000 steps a day, and considering 12 weeks ago I was lucky to do between 5 - and 7 thousand steps a day, and now I'm doing 14,000 steps and 10km on the exercise bike every day I'm pretty impressed with myself. Still need to get my food intake sorted out, but my exercise has improved which is awesome. So I'm not doing the 10km to the bike tonight - by the time I go to bed I should have 20 thousand steps under my belt, and I am a bit sore from the steps I've done today already; most of those steps were going up and down stairs and the muscle do not approve.
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This afternoon I read the second book in the Hunger Games trilogy. I don't want to read the third book, as I've enjoyed the first two so much, and I really can't see it ending good for anyone.

I really wish my niece was old enough for me to give these books to her. Katniss Everdeen is the type of literary heroine I want my Bells to read about; I worry that she'll want to read about Bella because of them having matching names, and Bella the Vampire-lover is exactly the opposite of the type of person I want my niece to admire.

But yes, I'm counting The Hunger Games as my Happy No. 6 thing, as I was starting to despair about books people were raving about, but these books have excited me again about original fiction.
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Tonight for tea I made hush puppies. Even when I make them not completely correct they make me happy. Every time I make them, I get better. And they remind me of good times.
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(Also, obligatory cat post)

I really love that my cats can differentiate between a week day and the weekend.

Monday - Friday without fail, Owen wakes about an hour before the alarm, leaves the bedroom and sits on his chair in the dining room to wait until I get up and let him outside. (I know this from many occasions when my bloody bladder can't wait a mere 60 mins) Marley stays until the alarm goes off, and then he jumps up to get between me and the alarm clock (for a cat for is alarmed when you uncross your legs when sitting on the lounge I find it quite brave he gets so close to the blaring alarm.) Then he jumps off, waits outside the bathroom door until my shower is over, and then he gets ready to go outside.

But Saturdays and Sundays.... I've had the same wake up time for about 6 years for work, so if I'm very very lucky I sometimes sleep in on the weekend until 7am. (For work I wake at 5am, so even though 7am sounds early it's a whole two hour sleep in!!) Somehow the boys know. Owen stays on the bed sleeping until about 1130. I've even vacuumed the bedroom and he hasn't moved. Marley wakes, but he doesn't move until I do. And then he goes off to the spare room, where he sleeps until about 3pm.

And the reason that I know that they know it's the weekend, is because sometimes on weekends I've to set my alarm for something, and neither of them deviate from their weekend sleep-ins. They don't even get up for food on the weekends, whereas week days it's all about them getting food at 530 in the morning (And if I've been on holidays .... if it's Monday - Friday they will wake me up at 545 looking for food.)

For cats that are 7 in October, they act like teenagers.
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Hmmm, gotta admit that I'm struggling a bit today to find the happyfuntime of the day.
Metallurgists; the bane of my existence.

Oh, got one! A friend at work sent a picture of his 5 month old daughter and she was wearing a onesie. I find no matter how cute a baby is that is magnified by a factor of 10 thousand when they're wearing a onesie. And then I must admit to wasting 10 minutes to searching and finding Baby Avenger onesies.

And speaking of babies.. another happy thing (that isn't from today, but still makes me smile to think of) I'm going to be an Auntie again! I'm definitely looking forward to meeting the little person - sometime towards the end of November/early December they'll be born so I shall be able to spoil them at Christmas time.
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I don't know if this should be classed as something that made me happy today, but it gave me and two others in the office today such a bad case of the giggles that at one stage I thought I might wet myself.

CS dropped a cost code book between his desk and the cubicle wall, and we were trying to get the book out. I had a torch and was looking from the top and CS was trying to get it from the floor. Between the two of us we figured out the using a tape measure would be our best bet to grab the book.

SG had her back to us, and after about a minute of us trying to get the book she burst out laughing and spun around to find out what on earth we were doing. Because once she pointed that out, we realised how the conversation was going.

Exhibit A:
"Okay, put it in now. Now turn it around and start pulling it out slow. Nope, you've lost it. Put it in again. Pull it out. Slow. Slower. Aargh! So close! Nope, pull it all the way out and I'll show you how I want you to turn it."

And then we lost it. Because no matter how hard we tried, we couldn't make it not sound dirty. And we even tried it with me using the tape measure and CS navigating. (CS is a guy, so that kind of made it worse.)

Anyway, we finally got the book out. We also realised that I could have printed out and bound at least 6 new books in the same amount of time.


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