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So on Thursday at work I spelled February correctly first go without looking it up, or a computer giving me a suggestion. February has always been a word I've struggled with, and getting that right on Thursday, and finally having definitely down pat as well I was feeling pretty confident in life.

And so on Thursday night I began my quest to make red velvet cheesecake chocolate balls. Sunday afternoon and the finished product is chilling in fridge (I had stuff to do yesterday - one of which featured a French Dalek - so I couldn't finish them yesterday).

They weren't as hard as a was expecting. Some parts were slightly fiddly, and the amount of cake that ended up all through the kitchen when I was putting the red velvet cake mix around the cheesecake part was ridiculous, but hopefully it will be a treat for everyone at work.

So I wrote the above on Sunday afternoon, and completely forgot it about until today. Anyway, I took them into work today and I can say that they were a complete hit. T even had two, and he is not a sweet toothed person, so I'm taking that as a very very good sign. M got a knife and sliced hers up, so she could take a photo of the inside (she wanted to show off to someone who was on holidays) Once I work out how to get the photo off my phone and into my lap-top I'll share.

But yes; just from a small thing like spelling February right first go resulted in a culinary masterpiece. Just wait until I spell gaurentee guarentee... well, when I get that word right I can't even begin to imagine what I'll be able to achieve then!
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The cake was slightly dry, but other than that it looks like it was enjoyed by all who partook.

But I've warned them all that my plan is to enter this cake into a show, so I will be making this cake a few times until I nail it. Everyone said they had no problem with that :g:

Also! Tomorrow is Shrove Tuesday, so I need to make some pancakes/piklets for tomorrow.
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This was my back-up plan baking for the day. I had originally planned to make powder puffs, but I forgot something very crucial; I am crap when it comes to any type of biscuit or biscuit type thing. Useless, utterly useless (I just can't get them to stay the right shape), but I will keep trying.

This my friends is a Peach Blossom cake, which involves neither peaches or blossoms. )


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