Nov. 18th, 2013


Nov. 18th, 2013 06:19 pm
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Oh my god; have you guys been watching The Blacklist? What is it about James Spader that makes him so deliciously creepy?

A friend of mine tried to tell me that Blacklist was like Arrow, as they both had lists of bad guys to take down. Uh, that’s like saying that Melrose Place is the same as Good Times because they’re both set in an apartment block. Or that Sleepy Hollow is the same as Supernatural because it has siblings fighting the supernatural. Sure, there’s an aspect that’s similar, but it terms of execution that is pretty much it. You can’t compare Arrow to Blacklist. For starters – in terms of shirtlessness I don’t think the Blacklist has had any such scenes. Well, maybe once?* It’s not like Arrow who likes to distract you from plot holes and obvious ignoring of the laws of physics by throwing a shirtless man at you as the greatest distraction in the universe. Hey, I am not afraid to admit there was one time I was watching with a friend the pilot episode, and Olly had just jumped out of a moving vehicle and in the next scene he was walking to his abandoned warehouse with 2 large and cumbersome looking bags. Kate turned to me and said “Where did the bags come from? He didn’t have them in the car with him?” and while I was agreeing with her he took off his shirt, and we forgot what we were talking about. Oh Arrow, I came for the good looking cast, and I stay for the shirtless men. You know me so well.

Cutting for spoilers. There be a lot of spoilers. )


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