Feb. 10th, 2013

erika_sanely: (My Tree thanks to slodwick)
So last night my friend K finally went to see The Hobbit. Yeah, we're probably the last people on earth to see it. (I was supposed to see it while I was in NZ meeting my new nephew for the first time, but I unfortunately am from a family of non-readers/sci-fi/fantasy enthusiasts. No one wanted to see the movie with me - my 15 year old cousin whom I bought with me on the trip had never heard of it - and I couldn't justify having that much time to myself when I could be spending it dancing with my three year old niece or cuddling my 11 week old nephew.)

Anyway, this should come as no surprise, but it was just absolutely wonderful But now I have a ridiculous dilemma. I haven't read The Hobbit. Or, more correctly, I tried to read it when I was about 12, and all the names of the Dwarves confused me and I stopped and never tried again because it intimidated me. Now that I have faces to go with the names I think I could read it and not get that confused, but - and this is where I feel ridiculous - I don't want to spoil the next 2 movies.

This is just absolutely silly. I enjoyed the movie so bloody much, that I know I'll enjoy the book, but will I enjoy the movies as much when I know what's going to happen?


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